Love Not Hate

I wonder-

Why is there so much hate in the world?

As I sit here typing, my husband is watching a National Geographic show about the Holocaust. Earlier today, I read that 1/3 of people don’t believe 6 millions Jews were killed. I don’t want to believe it, but history shows that it is true. There are pictures, stories of survivors, and the resurrection of Israel as proof.

Psychologists suggest that bigotry and bullying come from a sense of our own insecurities. When we put down others it makes us feel superior. What amazes me is that even within groups that you would imagine are more homogeneous there are divisions or levels. Racism and discrimination is alive and well here and across the world.

The internet seems to magnify this phenomenon. People seem to think they can hide behind their social media. I often wonder if people would be willing to say some of the things they post if they were sitting face to face with the person or group they are calling out?

So, is it insecurity, a desire for power, or something else? In just about every religion there is an ongoing fight with good and evil. Is hate due to our sins? The sins of generations before us? It depends who you ask.

So the bigger question might be “What can we do about it?”. It seems so overwhelming. For me, I am going to try to be more understanding, be kinder, and more empathetic. That may not be enough, but it is a start.

Replace hate with love.


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